physical computing

For the final project of our M Sc, my group and I created in interactive installation, focussed on producing sound from everyday objects in innovative ways. My part of the project was to make mugs which reacted to touch.

two mugs, not doing anything in particular

I used this fantastic instructable to set up the electronic side of things, based on this fascination research from Disney. Instead of going down the more convenient route of using Pure Data to produce the sound (I hate Pure Data), I decided to experiment with a new language called ChucK. Everything so far was fairly simple. However, for the sake of making the system into a discrete package that could be hidden seamlessly and run on its own, I decided to implement it all using Raspberry Pi's.

a mess of wires and computers

This was the source of most of the headaches, but gave me a great insight into the limitations that can be imposed by hardware and how to deal with them, and taught me a lot about working with Linux and serial communication. I'll try to track down some videos of it in action, but in the meantime, here's the code.