javascript raycasting

I'm particularly fond of using as little code as possible to achieve results, and so one of my favourite websites is Hunter Loftis' PlayfulJS. I was particularly interested in his raycasting demonstration as raytracing, a similar concept, was something we came across in our M Sc but hadn't had explained to us very well. Hunter's short tutorial is a great way to help get your head around the mechanics of it, and allows you to make an actual, functioning first-person engine with an absurdly small amount of basic javascript - just over 250 lines, with no libraries used.

The example featured was a little violent for my tastes, so I make the made into a collection of a pictures of my puppy, Róisín, instead. So feel free to roam endlessly and you attempt to return her favourite toy to her. I haven't quite come up with an idea worthy of properly utilising this yet, but I'm sure I will some day.