To deploy this site, I decided to put my Python knowledge to good use and experiment with Django. Admittedly, it would seem more relevant, perhaps, to get to grips with, say, WordPress or something else in PHP. However, seeing as I don't know any PHP and my brief experience with it and WordPress was highly frustrating, I wanted to avoid it. My interest was further piqued by this Reddit post from the team by The Onion, one of my favourite websites.

I looked at some CMS packages available, but in the end I decided to just go with the plain Django framework, which I combined with the Apache I was already using to host my old, static website. To broaden my expertise a little more, I used the opportunity to get a little more familiar with Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate while I was at it. I'm personally not a fan of how the whole internet seems to be getting Bootstrapified piece by piece, so I just used some of the responsive bits and incorporated them into my existing (and admittedly, probably awful) styling.

I created my own blog app, with no small debt of gratitude to the incredibly well-written and maintained Django documentation, meaning I can know spew forth my thoughts upon unsuspecting visitors.

One thing the process introduced my to, by way of one of the tutorials I came across - thanks Matthew Daly! - was Test Driven Development, something which Django encourages, and which I think I will take with me down the line.